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Don’t let rodents wreak havoc on your home or business

Rodent control is targeted to areas needed. (burrows, runways, harborage areas). We use a preventative, proactive approach to stop rodents from entering as well as the use of interior mechanical devices & traps which are serviced monthly.

  • Poison generally not used inside unless in walls or voids
  • Focused use of glue boards and snap traps away from areas of children and pets
  • Proofing (sealing of holes, door sweeps, minor structural)
  • Exterior burrow dusting

Did you know?

Mice can breed very rapidly and are very adaptable to many different conditions. A female mouse can give birth to a ½ dozen babies EVERY 3 WEEKS!!

We are a proactive company NOT reactive to rodent pressures and issues. Once all entry points have been identified and sealed, an exterior & interior custom program is implemented. Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly programs are available.

  • Our knowledge of identifying activity/harborage areas reduces the use of rodenticides/traps
  • Continued follow-ups until all rodent activity is eliminated

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