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Why Choose Jankowski?

Our reputation for quality and commitment has earned us the business of many high profile & well known brands within the restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, nursing home industries as well as residential sectors. We pride ourselves on our technical know-how, exceptional customer service and quick response to each and every client - standards of “old school” you won’t find anywhere else in today’s market!

Jankowski Pest Control is one of the leading pest management experts in Maryland servicing residential and commercial businesses since 1993.

Our Mission

Jankowski Pest Control’s motto “Long Term Solutions” is our vision of providing our clients a long term solution to their current pest pressures. Our drive is to RID your business or home of pests using the “Long Term Solutions” methods. These methods integrate storage, sanitation and structural improvements along with precision pesticide/rodenticide applications conducive with safe environmental impacts.

“We are invested in the long term goal for our clients, the long term needs of our clients, most importantly….the “Long Term Solutions” for our clients.

Our History

Together, we believe our success derives from our past experiences of working in larger corporate settings and seeing firsthand that businesses and homeowners today are just NOT HAPPY with the amount of customer service they AREN’T receiving! After some contemplation we set out on our own, combining and paring our own unique talents to conduct business OUR way with the “old school”mindset. We took with us our heartfelt driven desire to provide superior customer service bridled with our experience, knowledge & professionalism that would compare to none! Our clients are our lifeline and without them - there is no Jankowski Pest Control, LLC. For that valuable experience - we are truly grateful.

About Our Founder

Since 1993, Jerry Jankowski, Founder and President and lifelong resident of Prince George and Anne Arundel Counties, has been providing pest control services to commercial clients in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. State of Maryland certified since 1994 and a member of the NPMA & MSPCA  .

Susan E. Jankowski, Owner and Sales relocated to Maryland in 2015. A lifelong resident of Northern New Jersey and subsequent residences in Pa. and Texas has a background in Operations Mgmt, Project Mgmt,  building code enforcement as well as procurement for the Dept of Defense. Member of NPMA, MSPCA & PWIPC.

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