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We Send Ants Marching!

We provide exterior sprays that eliminate the Ants!

  • We inspect to find entry points, minimizing chemical applications.
  • We know how to treat for Ants. While most pest control companies spray repellents that provide temporary relief, we bait so we get the Queen!
  • Exterior sprays, baiting, documentation on sanitation issues, recommendations on structural issues.

Did you know?

Only 10% of Ant colonies are out seeking food. A worker’s only job is to provide food. Baits are used thru a process called Trophallaxis which kills the Queen.

Our aim is to eliminate the ants! Various over-the-counter remedies create a barrier which pushes ants further into walls. Our baiting combined with exterior sprays will eliminate these colonies. We’ll provide follow-up visits if needed at no cost to you!

  • Ants change feeding habits throughout the day going from proteins to sugars which is why baits are more effective.
  • Be wary of 1x Ant jobs as they’re most likely using repellents which only puts a bandaid on the problem - something we WON’T do. We solve the problem!

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