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Pests shouldn’t be on your long-term tenant list!

Multifamily housing and condo units are sensitive to pest infestations due to a higher volume of tenants moving in and out as well as structural deficiencies. When pests invade your property, it can have a negative effect on your tenants, causing you to lose business through negative social media reviews and unflattering word of mouth. A pest problem in one apartment, left unchecked, can spread throughout the building. Don’t let this happen to your property

  • Increase in tenant complaints and sometimes possible litigations
  • High repair costs from damages sustained from infestations
  • Higher termination of Leases
  • Damage to your reputation and ultimate business loss.

“We are a full service Pest Management Company with extensive experience within the Property Management sector. Our proactive approach to pest control is the first step to pest management whether it be in residential dwellings, multifamily housing, apartment buildings or condominiums”.

Single Family and Duplex Apartments

Jankowski Pest offers both one-time treatments as well as recurring services for our residential customers. We treat a wide range of pests including ants, mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitos, moths, silverfish, crickets, centipedes, spiders, beetles, and many more.

  • Honest, reliable & friendly service since 1993
  • Free inspections with no hidden costs
  • Knowledgeable and proactive solution-based approach
  • Bed Bugs our specialty - ask about our many treatment options

Multifamily Housing & Condos

Any pest infestation involving rodents, ants, bed bugs and cockroaches will have a negative impact on the relationship between a tenant and owner and may become very costly to solve and control.

  • We offer proactive rotational services with detailed recordkeeping
  • Holistic mindset utilizing an “outside-in” approach
  • Expert exclusion work providing long-term, effective methods of keeping pests — especially rodents — out.
  • ​Bed Bugs our specialty - ask about our many treatment options

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