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Providing Pest Management to Colleges, Dorms, Housing and Food Service since 1993

Many College institutions have environmental conditions conducive to pest infestations. Reducing unnecessary exposures to pests and pesticides improves attendance, general health, and leads to greater academic achievement.

  • IPM encourages long-term, sustainable approaches to successfully manage pests.
  • Our commitment to a healthy environment where students can thrive is our promise to you.
  • We focus on solution-based approaches that solve the reasons why pests are in schools

From the 1st day as a Freshmen to the last day of school, pests shouldn’t be on the curriculum

Academic Buildings and Student Housing

Ants. Fleas. Bedbugs. Mice, to name a few! These unwelcome guests in your dormitory can be more than a nuisance. Some destroy your food and property, affect your health—and your overall piece of mind.

  • We offer a vast variety of exclusion and prevention practices tailored for student housing.
  • We focus on environmental impact techniques and keep product selection practical.
  • Specializing in Bed Bug elimination offering multiple treatment options with excellent results!

Academic Cafeterias and Halls

Feed the Students NOT the pests! We know that meeting State and Federal regulations is important and a priority to you. Our service, experience and detailed record-keeping will ensure you’re always up to code!

  • We use discrete monitors to gauge pest activities
  • Minor repair and exclusions
  • Sanitation analysis and recommendations

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